Call for proposals

Application deadline for observing time at the T150 and T90 telescopes

  • Semester 2024B (from July 1st to December 31th 2024): the deadline for receptions of proposals is April 30th 2024, 23:59 CEST

Forms and submission for observing applications

Forms for observing time applications at OSN can be written in spanish or english using different type of formats: pdf, doc or latex.

Applications must be submitted using the following application form.

Available instruments

  • T150 telescope: the CCDT150 camera
  • T90 telescope: the CCDT90 camera

ToOs policy

Those observers who need to perform observations of unpredictable events (targets of opportunity, ToO)  using the T150 and T90 telescopes, have to submit a application for observing time each semester. As all the proposals, they will be discussed by the Time Allocation Committee (TAC) of the OSN. Once the proposal is accepted, the PI will receive a list of rules that must be followed.

The PI of the accepted proposal should contact OSN staff (operadores-osn [at], sending the instructions of the ToO with the details of observation. The observations will be attempted whenever possible.

If there are several accepted projects and in case more than one ToO occurs in the same night, the OSN staff will decide how the triggers of the targets will be carried out in order to optimize the observing time.

When possible, a compensation of the observing time lost for the current program will be attempted. As an exception, if there is a critical program, i.e., in which the observation must be carried out in a specific night and hour, the trigger will NOT be performed.

General information

Who can observe in OSN?

  • IAA and CSIC scientists or scientists from other institutions in collaboration with researchers from the IAA
  • Anybody belonging to a research institute or university buying observing time

Observing modes

OSN provides three observing modes:

  • Service mode: the observations are performed by the night assistants
  • Remote mode: the observations are performed by the astronomer outside the OSN
  • Visiting mode (in-situ): the observations are performed by the visiting astronomer

The three modes can be requested in both the T150 and T90 telescopes. Observations in service mode will have higher priority at the T150 telescope than at T90, therefore, service observations in the T90 telescope are not guaranteed.

Important: Fraction of nights may be requested in observing proposals and may be shared with other programs when the same instrument and filters are used. Filters of both CCD cameras are not allowed to be changed during the night.

Observing Log

Observing log in doc format.

Use of OSN data

The use of OSN observations in any kind of publications must be acknowledged with the inclusion of the following text: "Based on observations collected at the Observatorio de Sierra Nevada, operated by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA-CSIC)".

Failure to do so may result in penalties being applied by the TAC for future proposal submission from the same PI/Co-I(s).